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Special Thanks !!

1stbirthdaycake Today is an important day for KnowledgeHub. It completed its first month on blogosphere, thanks to the support given by you all. I started this blog on December 28th, and was apprehensive about its success. But thanks to the support and appreciation by my friends, I finally got the courage to go ahead with my dream.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those whose support, feedback and criticism helped nurture this blog –

Sudhanshu, Shahid, Megha, Khanik for giving feedback from time to time;

Yash, Shruti, Santosh, Vivek for their words of appreciation; 

Mansi, Rajnish, Arpita, Siddharth, Kochar, Reddy, Amulya, Kumar Ankit, Prince Agarwal, Krit Se, Shahela Afrin for their support;

Anshoo & Nimit for coming up with valuable suggestions

Forgive me if I missed out any one; its not intentional. You may not be on the list but you are in my heart. To all of you I want to say a big THANK YOU. Believe me guys every little bit helps.

I am also thankful to the support provided by fellow-bloggers Vinayak, Prasoon, Sachin, Mihir, Eva Gallant, Sandy, Bettyl, Vanessa, Anurag, Vijayakumaran, Shashank, Dan, Suyash, BPOTW, to name a few. Their comments and suggestions kept me motivated to come up with new posts.

Special thanks to Paul from Technically Easy. He helped me with the template, and patiently answered my stupid questions. I couldn’t have started without his help. Thanks also to Abu Farhan for helping me with the layout.

Some Stats:

No. of Posts:


No. of Comments:


Total Visitors:

291 (79% Indian, 21% Global)

Page Views:


Facebook Fan:


Google Followers:


E-mail Subscribers:


I know the figures are not at all impressive, but considering the fact that the post frequency was low, it is above my expectations. And with your support I hope to improve it in coming months. Till then Aal Izz Well.

Road Map To Future:

Currently I’m not able to post frequently due to office commitments. I presently write one post per week , which is published normally on Mondays. I will try to increase the frequency of posts in the coming month.

I am planning to launch other blogs soon; have thought of some ideas which I’ll be implementing in the coming days. Also I’ll create separate blogs for various categories, so that each blog is niche-specific. Thus those who are interested in tech posts will be saved from reading other stuff (you can obviously subscribe to all the blogs in the network to get a varied taste). Thanks Anshoo for pointing this out.

Get Connected:

You can connect with KnowledgeHub to receive updates through any (or all) of the following mediums:

1) Facebook Fan Page

2) Twitter

3) E-mail subscription

4) RSS Reader subscription

5) SMS

You can also contact me at my home page www.anshuldixit.com.

A Request:

The blog cannot work without you. So I request you to extend your support as you have done till now. Please pour in your suggestions and ideas. What is it that you like about the blog (so that I can concentrate on it) and what is it that you dislike (It’s good to know one’s weakness, isn’t it?).

Happy Reading !!

2 Responses to Special Thanks !!

  1. Yash January 29, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    Hi boss, knowledge hub is a very nice initiative. Your posts are really interesting. Keep writing and keep rocking…

  2. Vinayak January 29, 2010 at 10:02 pm #

    congrats to you
    this blog definitely rocks
    thanks for including me in ur list

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