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The Truth Behind SpiceJet’s Re 1 Base Fare Offer

SpiceJet Airlines came up with Re 1 base fare offer yesterday. This offer is valid till 3rd Apr on travel dates between 1st July, 2014 and 28th Mar, 2015.

Like any other individual staying away from home, I was on cloud 9 on seeing this offer and decided to book  the flight tickets to home for Diwali immediately. However, my euphoria didn’t last long. When I looked at the Total Price of the ticket, something seemed off. Though the base fare was just Re1, the total price of the ticket was still around Rs. 4000/-

Now, I travel to Delhi a lot, so I know for a fact that Rs 4000/- is the normal price of an air ticket between Delhi & Hyderabad,  if booked well in advance. So, I decided to check the fare for Indigo, a competitor of Spicejet, for the same sector and date. The price was the same as that for SpiceJet!

See it for yourself:

Spicejet Offer

Indigo doesn’t give the base fare separately, instead, it combines Base Fare, CUTE Fee and Fuel Charge and call that Airfare Charge. On the other hand, SpiceJet gives each of these fares separately. If you add Base Fare, CUTE Fee and Fuel charge for SpiceJet, the amount will be the same as the Airfare charge for Indigo! Looks like SpiceJet reduced the base fare and increased the fuel charge to make up for it!

Indeed a smart move by SpiceJet! Wondering how many people got fooled by this ‘attractive offer!’

One Response to The Truth Behind SpiceJet’s Re 1 Base Fare Offer

  1. Shishir April 3, 2014 at 10:11 pm #

    That is not true. If you could not book, does not mean, offer is not good. I have booked diwali ticket for Bangalore-Delhi sector for Rs. 2436/- on spicejet.com under this sale.

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