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Ten Things About Currency Derivatives

The rupee has been volatile for many months now, with newspaper headlines highlighting terms like ‘hedging’ and ‘currency risk management’ on a regular basis. In such critical times, investors need to protect themselves off the currency risk while investing across countries, and that is where currency derivatives comes into picture. Currency derivatives allow investors to hedge […]

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gold investment

How To Invest In Gold?

Gold is glittering as always and is one of the best ways to invest money since the time of our ancestors and is also one of the best ways to liquify your funds whenever needed. Currently, as I write, gold is trading at 27880.00 INR/10g and is predicted to reach around 30,000 levels in 2012. […]

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eGold- Buy Gold Online

Traditionally in India every house has been purchasing assets like gold and silver on all the auspicious occasions, like Diwali, marriages, or receipt of annual bonus. We generally purchase gold and silver in physical form, either in the form of jewelry or coins. But now you can also purchase it in electronic form called ‘E-Gold’ […]

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