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Attacks on Facebook Explained

Facebook, with its 800 Million users, is the largest social networking site. As such, it is quite obvious that the bad lot of the online world- the spammers- would want to exploit it for their benefit. Though Facebook employees work day and night to keep such people at bay, these spammers get lucky sometimes. This […]

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[Rumor] Five Rupee Notes Out Of Circulation

Yesterday evening, I went to buy some chocolates from a nearby general store. While waiting for my turn to pay the bill, I heard the shopkeeper telling a guy:“Nai hona baap.Ye 5 rupaye ka note nakko do”Meaning- don’t give me this five-rupee note, it is not in use. When I asked him about this, he […]

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[FRAUD] Tata Motor Interview Letter

After reading about the income tax refund scam, one of our readers, Mr Umesh, informed us about another scam he recently witnessed- lucrative job offers in prestigious companies. Unemployment being a big problem in India, it is very easy for these fraudsters to lure innocent young people in their trap. But if we remain vigilant, […]

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Income Tax Refund Scam

A few days back I received an e-mail from Income Tax department (that is what the mail said) informing me that I have obtained a refund and asking me my bank details so as to transfer it to my account. I immediately got suspicious, because the refund amount stated in the mail was much more […]

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[Hoax Mail] Dial 1098 To Feed A Child

It is back again. This time with a message so moving that you can’t stop yourself from clicking on the forward button. Yes I am talking about the hoax mails. Time and again, with the help of our readers, Knowledge Hub has busted many hoax mails. We even succeeded in getting a wrong information removed […]

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Make Money From Imcrew-Scam or Legit?

Internet is full of making money schemes. It is a booming business because everyone wants to become rich easily. Considering this, many companies come up with innovative schemes to make you rich. The recent addition to this list is Imcrew, which is the buzz word on the net these days.I have always been suspicious of […]

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[Myth] Cannot Create A Folder Named CON

Today a friend of mine came to me with a challenge- Create a folder named CON on your system. When I failed to do that he enlightened me with another fact – The entire Microsoft team, not even Bill Gates can create the folder named CON. Seeing my skeptical look, he showed me the following […]

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