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[Rumor] Five Rupee Notes Out Of Circulation

Yesterday evening, I went to buy some chocolates from a nearby general store. While waiting for my turn to pay the bill, I heard the shopkeeper telling a guy:“Nai hona baap.Ye 5 rupaye ka note nakko do”Meaning- don’t give me this five-rupee note, it is not in use. When I asked him about this, he […]

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[Hoax Mail] Dial 1098 To Feed A Child

It is back again. This time with a message so moving that you can’t stop yourself from clicking on the forward button. Yes I am talking about the hoax mails. Time and again, with the help of our readers, Knowledge Hub has busted many hoax mails. We even succeeded in getting a wrong information removed […]

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[Myth] Cannot Create A Folder Named CON

Today a friend of mine came to me with a challenge- Create a folder named CON on your system. When I failed to do that he enlightened me with another fact – The entire Microsoft team, not even Bill Gates can create the folder named CON. Seeing my skeptical look, he showed me the following […]

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7 Medical Myths

While talking to a friend who is doing MBBS, our conversation steered to the common medical myths prevalent in the society. It was an interesting discussion which cleared many misconceptions. Later I decided to do a research on this topic by visiting websites of various hospitals and health organizations, and there I came across many […]

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[Hoax Mail] LPG Cylinder Expiry Date

Most of you must have received an e-mail regarding “LPG Cylinder Expiry Date”. For those who didn’t, here is a copy of one such mail: Have U ever heard about LPG gas cylinder’s expiry date….!! Do you know that there is an expiry date (physical life) for LPG cylinders? Expired Cylinders are not safe for […]

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Dial #90 !!

Beep-Beep Beep-Beep—my message tone woke me up at the middle of the night. It was a message from a very close friend. He wanted to warn me about a possible Pakistani hackers’ attempt to take over my cell phone. “Be careful if anyone calls you saying he is from mobile company and asks you to […]

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Reverse ATM PIN- Hoax or Truth?

Yesterday I got a mail. Yeah, I know it’s not something to blog about. But it was the content of the mail that I found interesting and want to share with you. Subject: ATM USE: This is a useful TIP … WHEN A THIEF FORCES YOU TO TAKE MONEY FROM THE ATM, DO NOT ARGUE […]

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