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david meets goliath

David meets Goliath

It was a fine day in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Relatively speaking. Temperatures were hovering above zero. Within the posh confines of a hotel, sits a man who has his arms crossed over his chest. His name – Garry Kasparov. The year is 2004. He is the World number one in Chess at that […]

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tactile paving example

Tactile Paving For Visually Impaired

If you have traveled in Delhi Metro, you must have noticed a yellow pavement with raised oblong lines (see the image below) at the Metro station. The last time when I was at the Metro Station, I heard an announcement asking people to stay away from the central yellow line. That made me wonder if […]

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Business Quizzing

The other day I came across an interesting book on business awareness-Biz World. It is written by two of the Knowledge Hub readers- Mr. Ravi Handa and Mr. Avinash Maurya. As many of you voted to have book reviews as one of the categories on Knowledge Hub, I decided to review this book. However, after […]

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Pretty Names-Deadly Cyclones!!

This is a guest article written by Ritu. It has been more than a month since the natural forces wreaked havoc on Japan. The whole world stands to admire the resilience and spirits of the Japanese. Reading about how tsunami occurs, I came across something that aroused my curiosity. ‘Laila’,’Katrina’,’Nina’… which sound so pretty names […]

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What Gave Me A Shock!!

This is a guest article written by Ritu. For the past few days I was experiencing something strange but I wasn’t sharing it with anyone lest I should make a fool of myself. But the other day a colleague of mine asked me.. "Hey Ritu, do you feel shocks when you touch someone or the […]

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Wonders Of The Nature!!

This is a guest article written by Ritu.The world is full of wonders…Just that we need to have an eye for admiring and enjoying them. Last time I was fascinated by the flags of various countries and this time it is maps that left me impressed.I was just browsing the net and I don’t remember […]

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