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Get Address Proof Card From Post Office

india-post-logo One major problem that I faced when I moved to Hyderabad for job was to get a local address proof. Because without a local address proof, you can’t think of getting basic facilities like phone connection, internet connection, gas connection or even bank account.

Wish I knew it then that I could get an address proof card from my nearest post office!!

Yes you read it right. Indian Postal Department started this service some time back, wherein they provide you with an address proof card which you can use anywhere as a valid proof. But as is expected from government services, they do not have a proper notification regarding this on their official website.

So how do you get one? Read on to get answers to all your questions.

Procedure For Getting The Address Proof

  1. Obtain the address proof form from your post office by paying 10 (or you can also download it from here).
  2. Fill the form and submit it to the post office along with a fee of 240/- (250/- if you downloaded the form).
  3. A postman is sent by the postal department to verify the address.
  4. After the verification is over, you’ll be issued an address proof card, as shown below:

address proof

Salient Features

  • As the card has your photo as well as address so you can use it both for identity proof and address proof.
  • The card is valid for a period of 3 years after which you’ll have to get it renewed. The renewal fees is 140/-.
  • In case the card is lost, you can get a duplicate card by paying a fee of 90/-
  • This facility is not available with all the post offices. So you’ll have to find the nearest post office in your city that provides the id card. However this shall not be a problem in big cities, as almost all the post offices have this facility available.

What Is the Use When Most of Us Have Passport/Voter ID Card etc?

True. But for working professionals and students who have to change cities frequently, passport, voter id card or driving license doesn’t serve the purpose. All these id cards have your permanent address, but not your local address and so cannot be used as address proof. For address proof you are generally asked to provide a copy of rent agreement, electricity bill etc. Isn’t this a better choice?

With Indian Rail providing refund through online TDR and now Postal department providing address proof, it looks like Indian government is going for a complete make over of its departments. Open-mouthed

Are you going to apply for the address proof through post office? Or have you already done so? Do share your views through the comment-form below.

This post was originally written by me for Devils Workshop.

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