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All About Rajni- How Does The Website Run Without Internet

A couple of days ago I came across a website that runs on “Rajni Power” and doesn’t need Internet connection. At first, I thought this to be another Rajni joke. However, on visiting the website www.allaboutrajni.com I found that it actually worked without Internet!  Or, so it seemed to!

So, let’s now understand how this website actually works.

On visiting www.allaboutrajni.com, you will be greeted by a message as shown below:

Only after you disconnect the Internet connection, the website can be accessed. If you connect to the Internet again, the site will stop loading and you will see a humorous error message as shown below:

No doubt this is a very interesting and innovative concept. But there has to be a logical explanation to it. So, let’s now understand how this works.

How Does The Website Run Without The Internet Connection?

Well, it does not! No website can run without the Internet connection. The developers have used a simple logic that makes it seem to work without it. When you open the website, a flash file gets loaded in the background. The developers have created a very lightweight flash file using vector images, so it loads within few seconds. A script runs in loop to check the internet connection status, and as soon as you turn off the internet, the script allows you to see the flash file that was already loaded in the background.

Here is the link to the flash file:

How To Check If The Website Needs Internet Connection?

You can easily check whether the website really works without Internet connection or not. Instead of first opening the site and then disconnecting the Internet, do it the other way round, i.e., disconnect the Internet first and then open the website. The site won’t load, which proves that the site needs the Internet connection.

So, what looked like a revolutionary concept is nothing but a simple trick! But I’ll appreciate Webchutney and Desimartini for the creative thinking that they have put into this.

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