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Attacks on Facebook Explained

Facebook, with its 800 Million users, is the largest social networking site. As such, it is quite obvious that the bad lot of the online world- the spammers- would want to exploit it for their benefit. Though Facebook employees work day and night to keep such people at bay, these spammers get lucky sometimes. This is not because of any security issue with Facebook, but because the spammers find a way to trick the users into doing things that are dangerous to the users’ online security.

So, in order to educate users about the mechanics behind these social-engineering attacks, Matt Jones, who works at Facebook, has come out with a video that explains how social scams work, and how to avoid them.

This 3.5 min video talks about two of the ways in which a user can be spammed:

  1. Share-baiting
  2. Self-XSS

What is Self-XSS?

XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) is a type of computer security vulnerability that enables attackers to inject and execute malicious scripts through a user’s web browser.

When the attackers trick the users into pasting the malicious code in their browser, it is called self-XSS attack.

Read about other frauds and scams prevalent on the net.

These types of attacks are possible on all sites. I hope that after seeing this video, you would be better prepared to fight the spammers.

Have you been a victim of such social-engineering attacks? How do you keep yourself safe from online scams? Share your views below through the comments.

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