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Easter Eggs in Google Chrome


How many of you have used Google Chrome ? I am sure everyone. It’s far better than IE and at par with Firefox. So today’s post is about: Chrome.

Do you know that Google Chrome comes with a set of hidden about pages (similar to about:config in FireFox ). Chrome calls these pages as “Easter Eggs”. (Easter Egg means an intentional hidden message or feature left by the creator, for the users to find.)

To see these easter eggs type the following addresses in your chrome browser.

about:crash : Google Chrome displays a sad smiley.

about:hang : Use it if your browser stops responding. This notifies about the tab that is causing your browser to hang. You can isolate this tab and close it.

about:memory : It gives a comparison of the memory usage by all the opened browsers. So for using this first open other browsers also. When I used this to see the memory used by Chrome4.0, Firefox3.6 and IE8.0, it showed that Chrome used 53848K of private memory (private memory is the memory that is not shared with any other process, and so is the best indicator of memory used by browser), Firefox used 61080K while IE used 78704K, thus proving the fact that IE is a big memory hogger.

about:plugins : It informs about the plug-ins that are installed in chrome.

about:version : It gives the version of chrome that you are using.

about:dns : It gives the dns record of last 24 hostnames.

Do you know of some other easter eggs in chrome? Share it with everyone here.

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