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Happy Birthday Knowledge Hub !!

Happy Birthday Today is a proud moment for Knowledge Hub. Last year on 28th Dec 2009 Knowledge Hub made a silent entry in blogosphere, with just one follower (that’s me!!). I had no idea then that I’ll get so many companions in a journey which I started alone.

But here we are, celebrating 1 year of KH. And the credit goes to you. Without your support, we would have never made it this far. But this is just the first step. We have many more steps to cover-which we’ll in due course of time.

In this 1 year we had a total of 58 articles written which fetched 965 comments. Here are some vital stats of KH:

Subscriber Stats

E-mail Subscribers : 268

Facebook Fan : 229

Twitter Followers : 25

Google Followers : 45


Google Page Rank (Higher is better): 2/10

Alexa Rank (lower is better): 339,746 (worldwide), 32,486 (India)

Indiblogger Rank (Higher is better): 80/100

Top Articles

Compiling this list was the toughest job, because all the articles are equally special to me. I finally came up with this list after considering page views, comments and facebook shares that an article got.

Make Money From Imcrew-Scam or Legit?

Meaning of Repo, Reverse Repo, CRR, SLR and Bank Rates

Meaning Of Numbers At The Bottom Of A Cheque

Meaning of Numbers On A Debit Or Credit Card

[Hoax] UNESCO Announces India’s National Anthem As Best In The World

Controversy Surrounding The Indian National Anthem

First Man On Everest- A Controversy

Indian Rupee Gets A New Symbol

Why Obama Used 22 Pens For A Single Signature?

[Hoax Mail] LPG Cylinder Expiry Date

Receive Birthday Greeting From The Queen

All About Inflation

Special Mention

During this journey my friend Shailesh introduced me to Ritu. We soon found that we share a common interest- writing, and since then she has been helping me provide quality content to Knowledge Hub readers. She has written some nice articles that are worth mentioning here:

Wonders Of The Nature

Nobility Behind Nobel

Once An Eyesore, Now An Eye Candy

Do Flags Ever Fascinate You?

If Ritu helped me by writing articles for KH, Aditya Kane– chief editor of rtCamp, helped me by providing blogging tips, feedback on writing style, suggestions on blog design, ideas for blog posts and a lot more. He helped me develop as a blogger and it was because of his support that I was able to come up with various guest posts that I wrote for other blogs.

Last but not the least, its YOU who deserves a mention here. For what is a blog without its readers!

When I started this blog, I did not care about where it would be in one year’s time. But when a reader says that he first looks for the information on KH and moves to other resources only if it is not there; when a reader gives you a call to ask doubts; when a reader messages you to say “Happy Birthday KH”-you feel special-and you also feel a sense of responsibility. KH is no longer a hobby, it is a passion now. A passion fuelled by your love. Today I have a vision and mission for KH- To spread awareness and to remain committed to its readers.

I hope you’ll continue showering your love on KH. Together we’ll celebrate many more birthdays of KH!! :). So let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter and through newsletter.

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