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Live Life The 3G Way

3g 3G is the buzz word these days. With telecom ministry opening doors for the mobile service providers to enter the 3G world, the eagerly awaited technology is finally here. After all 3G is not only going to revolutionize the life of an internet user but will also take India a step further to change its status from ‘developing’ country to ‘developed’ country. (The new Indian rupee symbol is another step towards this aim.)

BSNL was the first company to roll-out 3-G service in India. Now Tata Indicom is going to be the second telecom company (first private company to do so) to provide 3-G services, thus ending BSNL’s monopoly in this segment. This move from Tata Indicom is in favor of the consumers, because now more and more number of people will get to see the advantages of moving to 3-G. But before seeing what changes 3-G is going to make in our life, let us first understand what 3-G is.

UPDATE: Tata Docomo has now launched 3G services in all the circles they obtained license for. Check out their tariff plans.

What Is Meant By 3-G?

3G is the third generation of wireless technologies. It enhances the previous wireless technologies such as advanced multimedia access, high speed mobile broadband and internet access with the ability to view video footage on your mobile handset.

The 2.5G technology, which is currently being used in India, provides a data transfer rate of 64-144 kbps. Compare this to the speed provided by 3G, which varies from 144 kbps to 2Mbps, depending on whether the device is fast moving or stationary (like fixed Wireless LAN).

Thus 3G offers following advantages over previous networks:

  • Several times higher data speed;
  • Enhanced audio and video streaming;
  • Video-conferencing support;
  • Web and WAP browsing at higher speeds;
  • IPTV (TV through the Internet) support.

You can also visit 3glife.com – a website that aims to increase awareness about 3G. It features a global 3G Live stream that captures anything anyone is saying around 3G in the online space.

The first countries to implement 3G service were Japan and South Korea.

How Is 3-G going to change our lives?

Having understood in brief what 3-G technology means, let us now see a few ways in which 3G is going to change our lives.

1) Never Before Internet Speed
We all know how the current internet speed over GPRS sucks. You can go and prepare a cup of coffee, drink it, and if you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to download a 4 Mb song using your 2G network connection by the time you finish your coffee. But not anymore. 3G will act as nitro-booster for your net connection. See the video (credit: Amit Bhawani) which beautifully shows the difference between 2G and 3G.

2) Front Facing Camera in Cellphone Finally Finds A Use
video call Till now the front facing cameras that smartphones comes equipped with could only be used to set your hair!! But thanks to 3G, you can now use it for video calling. You can use it for real time video conference with your clients, family and friends while on the move. Isn’t that amazing?

3) Watching TV and Movies on Demand
Almost everyone reading this must have watched Sachin making 200 in ODI. Well I didn’t Sad. Something I’ll always regret. Reason being I was travelling due to some official work and though I tried using my GPRS connection to watch the match, the video kept on buffering and buffering.

Now with 3G technology here, I’ll not miss such moments. I can watch TV serials, movies and cricket match whenever I want, without worrying about the slow connection.

4) Better Time Management
Let’s face it. A lot of our time is wasted in traffic jams and red signals. If we could utilize this time, just imagine how our productivity is going to increase. If you have a smartphone with a 3G connection, you can download e-mails with heavy attachments, browse through social networking sites and do lot of other stuff, while waiting in the traffic jam (of course you should not be driving while using your phone).

Being a blogger, I find it even more convenient because now I’ll be able to moderate comments and write blog posts- something which I was not able to do properly due to slower GPRS service.

5) Multi Tasking
Try using Twitter, Facebook, IM, E-mail client all at once on your mobile phone, or on your computer with a slower connection. Chances are you will either experience a connection loss or the time taken to load the sites will be so high that you might end up pulling your hair. But if you have a 3G enabled mobile connection or a 3G data card to use with your computer, you will be able to use all these applications without the fear of losing connection.

6) Smart Phones Will Finally Be Smart
mobile-apps Market is full of smart phones these days, such as iPhone, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy etc. But are these phones really smart? Though these phones are capable of multi tasking, video conferencing, and are equipped with thousands of applications, having a slow GPRS connection actually makes them dumb. But with 3G connection you can now use the full power of your smart phone. Wonderful, isn’t it?


These are some of the ways I think 3G is going to change our life. What are your views? Are you looking forward to the launch of 3G service? In what ways do you think it is going to be useful to you?

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