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Make Money From Imcrew-Scam or Legit?

online-money Internet is full of making money schemes. It is a booming business because everyone wants to become rich easily. Considering this, many companies come up with innovative schemes to make you rich. The recent addition to this list is Imcrew, which is the buzz word on the net these days.

I have always been suspicious of such money making schemes, and Imcrew is no exception. But before we take a look at my reasons for being suspicious, let us first understand what Imcrew is.

What is Imcrew about?

Imcrew is a website launched recently which claims that you’ll be paid for reading and sharing articles. It also claims that you’ll get $10 for registering and $2 for every member you refer before 5th August. However the website is in pre-launch mode currently. You’ll be able to cash out these prelaunch earnings along with your first earnings from Imcrew when it is officially launched.

How it ‘claims’ you can make money?

According to the site you get

  • $10 for registration.
  • $2 for referring members before Aug 5.
  • 20% of your referral’s earning for lifetime. (This does not mean that they will deduct 20% from referral’s income. Whatever they pay your referral, they will pay you 20% of it as a bonus).
  • Around $0.002 for every article that you read.

You can withdraw money once you reach $20 (for PayPal withdrawal) or $100 (for bank transfer).

My Reasons For Being Suspicious

  • The first thing that lights red bulb in my mind is the fact that they claim you can earn up to $1275 per month just by reading articles. Now that is a lot of money for simply reading and sharing. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.
    One thing that I have found from my experience so far is that an established service never claims how much you can make from it, because that depends on you and no one can predict it. Take for example Adsense or Infolinks. They never claim that you can make these many dollars per month. Such tactics are generally used by scammers to lure people.
  • The site does not contain details of the company/person behind it. Now why is the owner secretive about the identity? Smells fishy, doesn’t it?
  • The e-mail address given in the site is imcrewx@gmail.com. A Gmail address!! Have you ever seen a serious professional using Gmail, Yahoo or likes? Even for KnowledgeHub, I have a custom e-mail address admin@knowledgehub.co.in.imcrew mail id
  • Now that my suspicion has grown to its extreme, I decided to do a research on its background. The domain was created on 02 Mar 2010 and has been registered only for one year. It’ll expire on 02 Mar 2011. Why will a company who wants to stay long in the market go for just 1 year of registration? True, they can extend the registration later, but generally a serious business goes for a minimum of 2 years of registration at least. I have registered Knowledge Hub for 2 years because I am serious about it. I also have bought many other domains, but have registered them only for 1 year because I am not sure if I’ll get time to start working on them. This is a common thought process that is followed by almost everyone while buying a domain.

These are some of the reasons that raises red flag in my mind. I am not saying that these are concrete evidences to prove this is a scam- it is too early to say that. Just that I’m suspicious about it. Since there is nothing to lose, so I have registered, but I am not very hopeful of getting payment, nor should you be.

In case you want to register for it, you can do that here (that is my affiliate link ;)).

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Do share your thoughts on this. Have you ever registered for any such schemes? What was your experience?

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