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announcement We have completed four months of Knowledge Hub. When I started this blog I was apprehensive of its success. Because I knew it would be difficult to concentrate on blogging with a full time job. But thanks to the support of all of you, the journey so far has been smooth.



Who all are involved with this blog?

I was once asked by a reader, who are the “we” involved in this blog, since he never saw anyone else posting article on the blog. Well, the answer is – YOU are WE. All the e-mail subscribers, facebook fans, google followers, and occasional readers- the blog belongs to all of you. Knowledge Hub is a family and we all are part of it. Because had it not been you, the blog would not have come so far. So next time when I say “we”, I mean you and me.

How big have we grown?

April has been a very good month with regards to our reader base. In this month alone we have added 23 new e-mail subscribers, 6 Facebook Fan and 5 Google Followers. The tally now stands at:

E-Mail Subscribers: 53

e-mail subscribers Facebook Fan: 35
facebook fansGoogle Followers: 17
google followers

Apart from these three option we also have a dedicated Twitter page for Knowledge Hub @ knwhub. You can follow us there as well.

Where We Stand?

Page Rank (Higher is Better)

PageRank is a numeric value, on a scale of 10, that represents how important a page is on the web. It is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page’s ranking in the search results. It is updated by Google nearly every three month. Facebook and Google.com has a page rank of 10, and Google.co.in has a PR of 8.

Google updated its page rank in April 2010. We have been given a PR of 2 by Google. That is pretty decent because stats shows that a new websites generally gets their first page rank as 1. Considering that many top blogs who have been around for 3-4 years got a PR of 4 or 5, and many new ones are at 0 or 1, I am very happy with the results.

Alexa (Lower Is Better)

Alexa is another famous ranking tool. It finds out how well your site ranks up against billions of other sites on the Web. Alexa rank of Google.com is 1, of Facebook is 2 and of Google.co.in is 13.

When we started we were at close to 8 million in world and 600,000 in India. Now we are ranked among top 500,000 sites in the world and top 40,000 in India.

Indirank (Higher is Better)

Indirank is given by Indiblogger- a powerful community of bloggers from India. They score a website on a scale of 100. Higher the score, better is the site.

We have been given a score of 79 out of 100 by Indibloggers.

Message from Derek O’ Brian

I requested Derek o’ Brian – the famous quiz master in India, to review Knowledge Hub. See his response below.
Message from Derek o' Brian

Future Plans

We have plans to launch more blogs in our network. We already have a draft plan ready, just need a little more time to get it implemented. 

  • As a first step we have launched Blogspot Knol – a blog to help you start your blog on blogspot and make it a success. Read more about Blogspot Knol.
  • I hope you’ll support it just like you supported Knowledge Hub. You can join its Facebook Fan club and subscribe to email-newsletters to stay updated. You can also follow Blogspot Knol on its dedicated Twitter page @blogspotknol.

  • Apart from this we have a Tech Blog in pipeline. This blog will help you with your tech problems. No need to pay some one to repair your PC or Laptop. We’ll tell you how to solve these problems on your own and what precautions to take to avoid them in future. We’ll also deal with Tech tips and tricks and our favorite- Hoax Mails -related to Technology.
  • We have planned a blog to bring smiles to your otherwise stressed life. It is in its final stages and will have some more authors apart from me. I’m looking for a suitable template for it, because of which it is taking time. If you have some good template in mind please contact me at admin@knowledgehub.co.in.

A few more blogs our in their nascent stage. I’ll be soon informing you about them.

Time for Celebration

All this has been possible because of your continued support. Without our readers, these numbers means nothing. So we have a couple of rewards to show our appreciation.Open-mouthed

  • We have made our blog do-follow. What that means is we’ll be transferring page juice from our blog to yours every time you leave a comment on the blog. It’ll help you rank higher in Google search engine. But please do not spam. Such comments will be deleted.
    Tip: Use name and url while commenting instead of Google or other Profile.
  • I mentioned a surprise in the monthly round-up. Here it is. We will be giving away 5 .info domains to our readers. Details about this contest will follow in the next post. So stay glued in.

Thanks once again for your support.Smile


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