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Useful Information About Indian Railway

Indian-Railway In order to provide a better travelling experience to passengers, Indian railway has come up with various facilities and rules from time to time.However because of lack of proper communication, most of the time general public is not aware of these rules and facilities. This causes a lot of inconvenience.

So here I have compiled a list of some lesser known facilities/information, which I think everyone should know to have a happy journey.

Food Rates

Menu While having meals in train, have you ever felt that you are being charged more than the actual rate for the food? No need to worry about that any more. You can check the actual rate as given by Indian railway from the following link:
Indian Railway Food Rate


Dial a meal

dial a meal IRCTC introduced “Dial-a-Meal” service at New Delhi railway station some time back. Using this service you can order a meal/breakfast/evening snacks etc round the clock.

The service is available only at New Delhi railway station. You can place your order by dialing +91-9717640774 around one hour before reaching the New Delhi station. You’ll have to provide your PNR number and mobile number. The order will be served on your berth.

Lodge Complaint/Give Feedback Through 24 hour helpline number

24x7-helpline According to a news report, Indian railway was supposed to start a 24-hour helpline number for passengers in December 2010. However at the time of writing this article, this service was not yet launched.

Once the helpline starts, passengers can call 57886, or send text message at this number to lodge complaints about quality of food, bed rolls and misbehavior by railway employees.

Online Reservation Time

online reservation This is now old news but still many people are not aware of this. You can now book e-ticket from 0030 hours to 2330 hours. That means internet booking is now available 23 hours a day.


Cancellation of Waitlist E-Ticket

I have seen many people fight with the TTE over this. If you have booked an e-ticket under waitlist, then if your ticket does not get confirmed by the time of chart preparation, it gets automatically cancelled and the amount is refunded back to your account. So if you travel using that ticket, you are actually travelling without ticket.

Reservation between 0 to 4 hours before departure of the train

indian-railway-reservation-center You must be aware of the current reservation scheme of the Indian railways. Both Normal and Current reservation can be done up to 4 hours of the scheduled departure of the train. But do you know you can also get a reservation 0 to 4 hours before the departure of the train?

At every station there is a separate reservation window where you can get reservation 0 to 4 hours before the departure of the train, if seats are available or if there have been some last minute cancellations. There is no extra charge for this reservation. So if you make some last minute plans to travel, then instead of bribing the TTE, try this mode of reservation.Note that this reservation cannot be done online.

139 for PNR Enquiry

If you are without internet connection and want to check whether your ticket has been confirmed or not, all you need is a phone connection-mobile or landline. Just dial 139 and follow the instructions to check your PNR status. This number can also be used to find the running status of a train.

Running Status of a Train

train running status Apart from calling 139, you can also check the running status of a train by going to www.trainenquiry.com. Type the train number and select a station from the dropdown. It’ll show you the expected and actual arrival/departure time of the train at that particular station.

File TDR

If due to some reasons you did not travel and didn’t cancel your ticket, you can get a refund by filing TDR. TDR can be filed for various other reasons too, all of which have been discussed in detail here.

Armed with this information, I hope you’ll have a better travelling experience next time. If you are aware of other facilities or would like to share your experience of using these facilities, please use the comment form below.

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