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Do Flags Ever Fascinate You…?

This is a guest article written by Ritu.
flags-all-countries Well….they never did me until this Independence day. I had decorated my cubicle on the occasion and had drawn tricolors on the notice board. I could not find a blue sketch so I left it like that thinking how does it matter. I hadn’t realized until a friend told me that I had drawn Hungary’s national flag!!
Then I researched on flags and to my surprise I came to know that there is a branch of study of flags-VEXILLOLOGY!! During my research, I was fascinated by the interesting world of flags. Take a look yourself.

Flags Resembling Indian Tricolor

There are so many flags that resemble our tricolor. Have a look at Hungary’s flag…

Hungary's FlagNational Flag of Hungary

Except for the Ashoka chakra and the shade of saffron, it is almost the same as our Tricolor!! And we often come across this flag in advertisements and newspapers but ever did we know that this is actually some other nation’s pride!!!!
Have a look at Tajikistan’s. It almost same as Hungary’s except for the symbol on the white band.

Tajikistan’s FlagNational Flag of Tajikistan

Even Niger’s flag. The three bands are similar as India’s flag…

Niger’s FlagNational Flag of Niger

There are many more to go. See Ireland’s.

Ireland’s FlagNational Flag of Ireland

Even Italy’s. And it is so close to Ireland’s.

Italy’s Flag National flag of Italy

Mexico’s flag is close to Italy’s except for the symbol on the white band!

Mexico’s FlagNational flag of Mexico

There are some other really amazing facts about flags!

A Flag With One Color

The only flag in the world which is designed with just one solid color is the national flag of Libya. It is green in color having no other design. Only of its kind!

Libya’s FlagNational flag of Libya

Five Sided Flag

And the only flag which is not a quadrilateral (four –sided) is Nepal’s!

Nepal’s FlagNational Flag of Nepal

Square Shaped Flag

The flags of Switzerland and the Vatican City are the only national flags which are exact squares.

Switzerland’s Flag Vatican City’s Flag
Switzerland                        Vatican City

Unique Fact About Philippines Flag

Philippines flag is unique! It can indicate a state of war depending on the manner in which it is displayed. The blue panel above red indicates Philippines is at peace, and the red above blue indicates a state of war.

Philippines’s Flag at peace Philippines’s Flag at war
During peace                                         During war

In hanging position, if the blue field is to the left (observer’s point of view) it indicates peace and the red field to the left (observer’s point of view) means war.

Philippines’s Flag at peace Philippines’s Flag at war
Peace                           War

Fascinating facts about flags!!
Do you know of any other interesting fact about flags? Do share it with us.
This is a guest post by Ritu who writes at Weird World of Thoughts. She’ll be happy to know your views about this article, so do drop her a comment.

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