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KH Reincarnated

Its been two and a half months since the last post on Knowledge Hub was published. Many of you wrote to me asking why wasn’t the blog being updated. The answer is right in front of you!

As you can see, Knowledge Hub has undergone a major theme redesign. For the past two months I was busy working on a plan to revamp KH, and the first and major step towards it was the website redesign. Now that this has been done, you will see several new features and interesting articles in the coming weeks.

What Has Changed…

Platform: After being on Blogger for close to two years, we have now moved to WordPress platform, thanks to rtCamp’s Blogger to WordPress migration service (more about it later). This means that Knowledge Hub is now hosted on its own servers and not on free Blogger platform. This also means that we can now customize the site in a way that will make it more user friendly.

Theme: We have adopted a new and exclusive theme, credit for which again goes to rtCamp! The new theme is user friendly and is designed with the sole purpose of making it easier for you to explore the website.

Categories: We ran a survey a couple of months back on our Facebook page, and based on the response, we have decided to start some more categories, which you’ll see in the coming weeks.

Multi-Author System: Many people had expressed interest in the past to write for KH. As of now, its only Ritu and I who write articles here. Now that we are introducing new categories, we have decided to open KH for guest articles. We are still working on the finer details of this, and will let you know once KH is open for guest posting.

… And What Has Not

Mission: The purpose of starting Knowledge Hub was to spread awareness among people, irrespective of their age and field of work, by presenting facts and concepts of different areas in a simple but interesting manner.

Though the look and feel of KH has changed, the mission has not.

Quality: Though we are introducing new categories and planning to open KH for guest posts, the quality of the articles will only change for better. We’ll ensure that all the articles go through our litmus test for quality, before they get published on KH.

People behind the new Avatar

This change wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work put in by rtCamp team. I just had a basic idea in mind of how I wanted the site to look, and I did a very bad job in explaining it to them. Rameez and his team (who worked on the theme) understood my requirement clearly, and came up with a design that best defined my thought. Perfection and Speed is what describes them best!

The fear of losing some of my articles or hard earned subscribers had always stopped me from migrating KH to WordPress. But Nitun and his team made sure that the entire process was seamless, with no glitches. Once the theme was created, they migrated KH from Blogger to WordPress in a matter of few hours, without losing a single post, comment or feed subscriber.

Thank you guys! 🙂

Knowledge Hub is BACK!!
We’ll love to hear your feedback on the new design. Did you like it? Found a bug? Share your thoughts and opinions through the comments.

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