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What’s There In A Name!!

company name In order to brand themselves, companies come up with unique ideas for their name. Some companies are named after their founder (e.g. Ford Motors), some use initials of their long name (e.g. BBC-British Broadcasting Corporation), while some coined a totally new word (e.g. Accenture- meaning Accent on Future).

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However there are some companies that rely on dictionary words for their name. Apple Inc. is the obvious example of this. Apple (the fruit) being a very common word, people are able to associate it to its literary meaning. But not all dictionary words are so lucky. Many of these words have lost their original meaning and are only known as the name of the company that endorsed it.

I have compiled a list of some such words which are famous as a company or a brand, but also have a meaning attached to it. I don’t claim that the meaning of these words was what inspired these companies to go for it. They might have a totally different reason to choose that name (see the example in the end). But it is interesting to know the real meaning of these names.

So here we go.


Indian Car Manufacturer
Meaning: Another name of Lord Hanuman


Microsoft’s not-so-popular-operating-system.
Meaning: A pleasing view, esp. one seen through a long, narrow opening


Famous biscuit company in India
Meaning: the figure of a seated woman with trident and helmet used as a symbolic representation of Great Britain and the British Empire.


Microsoft’s Search Engine
Meaning: a variety of dark red or blackish sweet cherry.


Another biscuit manufacturer from India
Meaning: conversation between opposite sides


Famous sportswear and sports equipments supplier
Meaning: Ancient Greek goddess of victory


Indian Coffee Chain
Meaning: A person who makes and serves coffee in a coffee bar


Switzerland based consumer goods company.
Meaning: Bird’s nest


Famous confectionary company
Meaning: a Neolithic and Iron Age site in Somerset, England.


Internet services provider
Meaning: an uncultivated or boorish person (coined by Jonathan Swift in his book Gulliver’s Travel)


Developer of database management and ERP systems
Meaning: a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements.


Opearting system based on Linux
Meaning: Humanity to others (Zulu word)

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Dell, a famous computer manufacturer company which is named after its founder Michael Dell, is also an English word meaning ‘a small wooded valley’.

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Do you know of any other names that I have missed here? Share it with us through your comments below.

Meanings From: http://dictionary.reference.com

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