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My Stamp- Get Your Personalized Postage Stamp

My Stamp Logo Imagine sending letters to your friends (yes, in this era of e-mails!!) with your smiling photo on the stamp!! Thanks to Indian postal department, this is now possible.

After starting address proof card scheme sometime back, Indian Postal Department has now introduced a new scheme, called “My Stamp”, in World Philatelic Exhibition – Indipex 2011. “My Stamp” will let you get personalized stamps with your photograph on it.

While this is not something new-countries like USA, Canada and a few more already have such a scheme in place- this is a first in Indian postal history.

The personalized stamps will have two parts-the currency part and the photograph-detachable from each other.

Personalized Stamps


  • The scheme is currently applicable to Individuals only. Companies can’t use this facility now, but if the experiment is successful, the scheme might be opened to them too.
  • You can get your photo on the stamp or that of your spouse’s. But if you want the photo of your spouse on the stamp, you’ll have to bring their photo along with an ID card. I think this will help prevent any misuse.

    But what if someone wants to have the photo of their new born baby on the stamp? Some more clarity should be provided by the postal department on this. I have sent them a tweet regarding this, and will update you if I get a reply.

  • The cost of 12 stamp sheet is Rs. 150/-.
  • Stamp background is available in 6 different themes:
              Taj Mahal
              Sun Signs

    Each 12-stamp sheet is designed on one of the above themes.

A Win-Win Situation For Both

This definitely is a win-win situation for both the user and the postal department. You can celebrate special occasions with your loved ones with stamps bearing your photo/photograph of the occasion, while generating revenues for the postal department.

How To Get Your Personalized Stamp?

You can get your personalized stamp from the “My Stamp” counter at the INDIPEX 2011. The exhibition which started today (12th Feb 2011) at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi will continue till 18th Feb 2011. Carry your photograph or get it clicked there on the spot, choose the background and your stamp will be printed in no time.

Check out the official website of Indipex 2011 for other event details. If you live in Delhi, this is one event you should not miss!

India has seen major developments in last one year- new symbol for Indian Rupee and a position on keyboard, 3G, MNP and now this. Don’t you think so?

Image Credit: Indipex

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