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guest-blogging Apart from writing at Knowledge Hub, Anshul Dixit has written guest articles on various other blogs.

Devils Workshop

  1. Use Social Translate To Translate Tweets
  2. BookSmith – A Service to Publish e-book of Your Blog
  3. Why Disabling Error Report in Windows is Not a Cool Idea?
  4. The Power of 140 Characters
  5. India on World Wide Web
  6. Are Your Comments Working For Your Blog?
  7. How To Create Widgets For Your Blog Using Wolfram Alpha
  8. Search For Similar Sounds Using FindSounds
  9. Get Address Proof Card in India From Post Office
  10. Text 2.0-Providing Life to Written Word
  11. When will the Rupee symbol be officially released?
  12. Chrome Announces List of Favorite Extensions
  13. iPhone4 Caught Fire While Charging
  14. [Myth Buster] Why you cannot create a folder named ‘CON’
  15. Integrate Twitter With Outlook
  16. Remove Sidebar From Google Search-Permanent Fix
  17. Help !! I Clicked My Adsense Ads By Mistake
  18. Tips for Getting Google Adsense Account Approved
  19. How to Search People On The Web? Use Pipl
  20. 5 Useful Search Engines For Students
  21. How To Set DNS Records with IndiaTimes Server
  22. Google is God- Or Is It ?
  23. 11 Useful Microsoft Word 2007 Tips Everyone Should Know
  24. Customizing Windows Command Prompt
  25. The Other Side of Google
  26. My Experience With Indiatimes Domain Service
  27. Last Pass- Your Password Manager

Facebook Knol

  1. Change Your Facebook Page Name
  2. Get Facebook Dislike Button For Real

Calling All Geeks

  1. 8 Improvements Needed In Apple iPad

The Info Mine

  1. Detect Suspicious Account Activity With Gmail

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