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PriceWink – Save Money Shopping Online

EcommerceIndia is the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of internet users. Internet penetration in India is growing at the rate of 60% CAGR. Clearly, ‘online’ is the new space for Indian consumers and in turn for businesses.

As per ASSOCHAM, Indian e-commerce market grew at 88% in 2013 to USD 16 billion and is estimated to reach USD 56 billion by 2023.  While this is good news, it has its downside too- it is becoming difficult for small players to differentiate and market themselves. Also, with so many players in the market, consumer doesn’t get to know the best price deal available online for their desired product.

Enter PriceWink- a chrome extension that tries to solve both the problems!

What is PriceWink? 

PriceWink is a Chrome extension for price comparison that automatically finds lower prices for the product you are looking at when you shop online.

How Does PriceWink Work? 

To use PriceWink you first need to install the Chrome extension. Once you add the extension, you’ll see a small icon next to the web address window.

pricewink extension

After installing the extension, whenever you visit an e-commerce website and selects a product, PriceWink checks if the same product is available at a better price on some other e-commerce portal or not. If yes, it alerts the user with the portal name and the price at which the product is available.

price alert price comparison

PriceWink currently has data for 40 e-commerce stores, including big players like Flipkart, Infibeam, Amazon etc.

The best feature of this extension is the option to set price alert for any particular product. So, if I don’t want to pay more than XYZ amount for a product, I can set an alert for it and whenever the product is available at that price, I’ll be notified.

pricewink price alert



  • At present, PriceWink provides price comparison across books, electronics, clothes, watches etc. Given that online travel booking is picking up in India, I hope they will add price comparison for that too in the near future. It will then be a complete product in my opinion!
  • Given that mobile internet penetration is increasing exponentially, having this product as a mobile app will be an icing on the cake!

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Note: Works only on Chrome browser

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