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The Adsense Revenue Sharing Program is on hold for now.

Knowledge Hub is one of India’s leading blog that covers topics ranging from banking, finance, historical facts, interesting articles, myth busters, technology, etc.

We accept guest posts from people interested in sharing their knowledge with Knowledge Hub readers.

We offer adsense revenue sharing program to our guest bloggers, which will help the guest bloggers to monetize their post.

Benefits of Writing for Knowledge Hub

  • Publicity: Every article that you write will be published with your name, photo and a brief info about you, as shown below:

    You will also get an independent page, just like this, where people can see all the articles written by you.
  • Exposure: Knowledge Hub has more than 8000 followers on Facebook and Twitter, and more than 1000 e-mail subscribers. So, your post gets a large exposure, which could increase manifold if it gets viral.
  • SEO Benefits: Knowledge Hub has a Page Rank of 2. By writing for Knowledge Hub, you get a chance to pass on the Page Rank juice to your blog.
  • No Need to Maintain a Blog: Maintaining a blog is not just about writing. If you want people to read your work, you’ll have to work on SEO and SMO to reach a wide audience. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a blog if only you read it! You also need to have some technical knowledge to maintain a good blog.
    Knowledge Hub makes your work easier. You just have to concentrate on what you know best- writing! We take care of all the other stuff.
  • Revenue Sharing Through AdSense:We work on revenue sharing model.  You get 80% of the income generated through AdSense ads on your articles, while we keep the remaining 20% for running expenses. This is not a one-time income, and you’ll continue earning from your article as long as Knowledge Hub exists.Please note that we cannot guarantee the amount you’ll be earning through the AdSense ads.

How To Get Started

It is quite simple. Just follow these four steps:

  1. Join Knowledge Hub by creating your account here. (If you are new to WordPress, check these step by step instructions to get started).
  2. Add your Adsense details. Check this page for instructions. (If you don’t have an Adsense account, skip this step for the time being. Once you get your Adsense id, you can follow the instructions given above to add your details. All your past posts will start showing your ads then.)
  3. Write your post and submit it for review. Check these guidelines and best practices to ensure that your post is not rejected.
  4. Once your post is reviewed and approved, it will be published on Knowledge Hub.

Sounds too complicated? Alternatively, you can mail your articles to anshul@knowledgehub.co.in


  1. Who owns the copyright of the articles that I write?
    You own the copyright of the articles that you write.
  2. I have sent an article. When will it be published?
    You’ll be informed within 24-48 hours if your article has been accepted, or if it needs some changes. Once it is approved, you’ll be informed of the date of publishing through e-mail.
  3. Can I post the article on my blog/some other blog too?
    Google is very strict about duplicate content on web, and so are we! Though you own the copyright of the article, you cannot publish it anywhere else on the web, including your own blog. This is to avoid getting penalized by Google for duplicate content. However, you can get it published in newspapers or magazines (with a byline that the article first appeared on Knowledge Hub)
  4. After sending in the article, please wait for a mail from us, before sending it to some other blog.

  5. I don’t have an AdSense account.
    You can still write for Knowledge Hub!
    If you don’t have AdSense account, you can apply for it here. Once you get your account approved, follow the procedure mentioned here to show your ads on all the past and future posts written by you.

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  • Have further questions? Contact us.

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