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Getting Started With WordPress

If you are new to WordPress, this page will help you set up your account on Knowledge Hub.

Register With Knowledge Hub

Join Knowledge Hub here. Once you enter your name and e-mail id, you’ll get a mail with your login details. Follow the instructions in the mail to login to your Knowledge Hub account.

Update Your Profile

After you have logged in, click on Profile and enter your personal details as shown below (click on the image to enlarge). The information that you write in the “Biographical Info” section will be shown in the author info box at the end of your post.

To show your pic in the author info box, like the one shown below, create an account with Gravatar using the same e-mail id that you have used for registering with Knowledge Hub.

Gravatar, in simple terms, is your online avatar. When you sign up with Gravatar, all the websites that support Gravatar will start displaying your pic when you leave a comment or write an article there.

Add Your Adsense Code

See this page for displaying your Adsense ads on your posts.

Write A Post

Now you are all set to write your first post on Knowledge Hub. Clicking on Posts will show all the articles written by you:

To write a new post, click on Add New. It will open the post editor as shown below (click to enlarge). You can now start writing your first post :-).

Have questions? Contact us.

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